Abused Shoes

Twins return A Battle of Flats

SO my friends this is the second video,    THE SHOEPLAY its intense,  they really know how to play whit her flats, i think they have an incredible art for shoeplay,  in this video they play whit her flats like a crazy all the video, NO STOP SHOEPLAY,   ACTIVE AND CRAZY SHOEPLAY    but at the same time  SOLES AND BAREFOOT, yes my friends  this twins know how enchant us whit her feet.   you can see 2 different angle, a back angle and a right angle.                  they flipped their flats over and over with their feet, folded them, split them in half, kicked them with their heels, lifted them with their toes        THIS VIDEO IS A PIECE OF ART The price is  very cheap  so enjoy this video