Abused Shoes

Trashed Gym Shoes: Holy Artifacts for Slaves

One of the most integral aspects of worshipping your God is having actual Holy Artifacts to worship. One very lucky devoted slave purchased this pair of trashed, abused, smelly, sweaty Nike gym shoes…and they were sent to him from The Church after being worn barefoot for some two weeks straight.Gross! You foot losers are absolutely disgusting. And yet, you’ll do anything just to have a part of Me, even if it’s the old Nikes I was going to throw in the trash, or a grubby, stinky pair of socks I was going to give to My pet as a toy. But even My trash is valuable. In this clip, you beta loser slave boys are going to learn yet another way to serve God, and be presented the opportunity to be good little drones by buying your very own Holy Artifact.But first, I’m going to slip these hot, smelly shoes off and make you stare at My sweaty socks as I curl My pretty toes and humiliate you. Maybe you can buy this pair if you’re willing to pay the price.Watch and learn, losers.See My Authentic Female Domination Store, True Woman Worship