Abused Shoes

Preuve de devouement II – Partie 1 – [HD-1080p -Mp4]

Mlle Fanchette is away and Butler Boris is allowed to release himself. Strict conditions apply however: He is entitled to one single ejaculation during his mistress’ absence. He must use a pair of Mlle’s shoes of his choice and he must ruine his own orgasm! And as always he is ordered to video tape his release in order for his mistress to evaluate his efforts… This time the butler chose Mlle Fanchette’s white sling back court shoes. He adores the soft feel of the white leather on his cock head before inserting his cock inside the shoe and fucking it for a while. He then slips his cock between the shoe and the heel and fucks it some more. As arousal builds up he concentrates on the climax that will soon arrive and rubs his frenulum against the top of the shoe up until the point of no return. He stops and lets his cock spurt several jets of cum in the air. Most of them end up inside Mlle’s shoes and the horny butler rests happy while fantasizing his mistress watching the recorded proof of his total dedication and his possible reward or punishment…More Preuve de devouement here & here