Abused Shoes

Hard pain in my heels after shoes showing Jb

Order: “You are student in high school, but since you have the most beautiful feet you are quickly selected to model shoes. The clip starts when you are finishing your work day. Wearing your black, high heel shoes and walking in them was painful today. You walk a little bit when you notice some discomfort in your left heel. You lean against a wall to examine your heel. You move your finger over many places on your heel to see where it hurts the most, you feel that the very edge of it is very painful, it also looks red.(If you can use some makeup, just like last time, but put it on the bottom edge of your heel it would be perfect). You are concerned that you won’t be able to model the shoes later on today. You call your friend over the phone and explain to her what happened, and where your heel hurts, maybe she can help. You limp to the room to prepare for the show. You are now in the “backstage” preparing to go to the catwalk (please put on your white thin socks and make sure they only cover your toes – just like you did in the last clip). You will need to model 5 different pairs of shoes You first start to model your current shoes but before you go to show them to the audience you are required to quickly explain and talk about the shoe – what you like about them, where they hurt. Also pose the shoes to the camera. You are ready to go to the “catwalk” to show them to the audience. You have to walk professionally, you can’t show your pain to the public or it will not look good. Please walk back and forth a few times as if you were walking on a catwalk, on the fourth time the pain is bad, so you slightly limp. After walking in the first pair you come back to the backstage. Your heels and arches are so painful already. Your friend is already waiting for you backstage and she offers to help (please have your friend wear ballet flats). You are not allowed to sit down, even backstage, and there is no chairs, so your friend suggests that you lean against the wall and she will massage your heels and arches as you stand there. When she massages your heels you should still keep your shoes on, just pop out your heels (even if it’s a pair of closed shoes). You moan in pain, it’s so painful when she presses on your heel. also, please make sure that your heel appears red and bruised (makeup). Your friend should also pop her heels out of her flats when she massages your feet, she sometimes reaches out with her hand to massage her own heel. It’s time to put on the next pair of shoes, you remove your shoes and wear the other ones (socks stay on at all times, just covering your toes). It’s so hard to put pressure on your heels, but you have to. Again – please explain a bit about the new shoes and show with your finger where they hurt your heel the most when you walk. Then you limp until you reach the catwalk, then you have to walk normally to hide your pain. When you come back again, you can’t put pressure on your heels at all, you lean against the wall and show your friend where they hurt. She then massages them for you. You constantly complain about the pain in your heel. You try on the next pair. Please repeat this “process” until you tried on all your shoes (put them on, explain/show where they hurts, limp, walk the “catwalk”, come back so your friend can massage your heels and arches). Finally the fashion show is over, it was such a difficult day and you are in serious pain.”