Abused Shoes

Glue Shoe Competition – Luna Lain MP4

This was a custom and if you would like one of your own, please email me at the address above! This is my submission for the glue shoe competition. I have my bags packed for the trip to Hawaii because I know I am going to win! Oh gosh this is harder than I thought! These boots are so stuck and I cannot help but breathe hard as I struggle to get free. Maybe standing will help. I don’t want the glue on my hands, so I cannot pull my feet out. Ok, I guess I will back out of the competition and call it a day. Now to just get out of the boots. Oh no, the zippers are stuck. How am I ever going to get out of here? Hopefully I can get out of this before my roommates get back. That glue sure is tenacious as I lift the tray up off the ground and it does not budge. Guess I am not going anywhere!