Abused Shoes


During the weekend, GEARHEADTOOL had his soles fall off his shoes. I think it happened during walking to get those biscuits for the other video! Well.. with MYSTI MOUNTAINS in the room.. He didn’t want to disappoint her!Slickback got MAJOR props when walking down High St. Turns out.. There is a chicken place, not far! Slickback DID destroy his shoes, though.. Also, his bag, his chain, his camera batteries, his headphones, and ultimately had to tie a plastic bag around his bright red shoes on the way home.Before all that happened, though.. GEARHEADTOOL and his excellent company (Tool is Slickback here) tried an intervention.. See how these shoes turned out.A good time was had by all, and I thank MYSTI MOUNTAINS for one of the BEST experiences I have ever had filming. Fun.Mysti Mountains films.